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  • zefiR

    Together for Empowerment: Inclusion Fund for Rroma & other Disadvantaged Groups The zefiR project aims to improve access to education and health, as main vectors for reducing disparities and enforcing social inclusion, of over 25’000 people belonging to rural communities situated in three counties in the south west of Romania: Dolj, Olt and Gorj. These 12 communities include vulnerable populations who suffer from severe socio-economic deprivations, mainly of Rroma origin. Special focus will be placed on women and children. The project is coordinated by Terre des hommes, in consortium with 4 partner NGOs, amongst which two Rroma organisations. Two other organisations (one Rroma and one non-Rroma) will be providing services. The methodological approach consists in working with the communities in a bottom-up approach, including beneficiaries in all the steps and components of the project. Two of the partners are experts in community development. The others are specialized in thematic areas such as education, health, housing, and all work in close collaboration with relevant national authorities. The project is conducted around 4 groups of beneficiaries (0-2 years, 3-5 years, 6-17 years old, and adults amongst which pregnant and lactating women) and three main priorities: 1) access to quality education services, 2) access to quality health services and 3) intercultural dialogue and advocacy. Results of the project will […]

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    Built upon three main axes – strengthening of social participation and community development (1), improving capacities of local stakeholders to provide primary and secondary prevention services (2), enhancing monitoring and child participation at institutional level (3) – PRAEVENIR project sets as main objective providing access to primary and secondary prevention services to Roma and non-Roma children exposed to different types of risk. Thus, in partnership with the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection – Dolj, Terre des homes is providing professional training, technical assistance and consultancy to representatives for social services at local level, members of Community Consultative Committees and teachers aiming to increase quality and efficiency of prevention services addressing various risks faced by children (abuse, neglect, exploit, trafficking). Throughout this project, local stakeholders benefiting of training, coaching and consultancy significantly improve their skills and abilities to identify children at risk and provide them with access to qualitative and efficient primary and secondary prevention services (individual direct aid, after school programs, psychosocial activities and summer camps, activities promoting social inclusion and child participation, parenting activities). Prevention programs of local stakeholders proving a strong potential of community mobilization, own resources and access to services tailored on child’s needs […]

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    Around 19 organisations, including Terre des hommes Foundation and Save the Children Romania built a solid partnership and joined forces in January 2013 to provide more effective intervention and advocacy for Central and South Eastern European (C/SEE) migrant children at risk of exploitation and trafficking. This initiative is a best practice initiative, spotting potential improvements in the migration journey. The project Mario is co-funded by the European Union’s Daphne III Programme as well as the Oak Foundation. It aims at improving the level of protection of C/SEE migrant children who are vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and/or trafficking, having a specific focus on the accessibility, inclusiveness and pro-activity of service providers. The project seeks – through transnational outreach research, advocacy, trainings and direct support to professionals and empowerment of C/SEE at-risk migrant children – to find multilateral solutions to the problems that children face prior, during or after migration and that require coordinated protection schemes for individual children. Services which protect at-risk migrant children in Central and South Eastern Europe from abuse, exploitation or other violations of their rights are provided with a strong emphasis put on child participation. Children on the move are seen as agents in their own lives, having a loud voice, informing […]

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  • Improving Coordination and Accountability towards Romanian Unaccompanied minors’ Safety

    Project description ICARUS is an ambitious project that addresses a well-documented and relevant trafficking chain that takes roots in rural counties of Southern Romania and reaches major cities in the UK. The question of exit procedures for Romanian minors (i.e. Procura issued by public notaries upon request of family members or third parties) is an integral part of this trafficking chain. Partners: National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) [UK]; Terre des hommes Budapest [HU]; National Agency Against Trafficking Persons (ANITP) [RO]; General Direction for Child Protection (GDCP) [RO] National Union of Public Notaries in Romania (UNNPR) [RO] ICARUS will improve the knowledge base of trafficking of vulnerable groups involved in child begging and other forms of labor exploitation. We will do that by running a joint research with separate components in the UK and Romania. National Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Children (NSPCC) [UK] in the UK will collect aggregate data on legal information and papers carried by Romanian unaccompanied traveling minors begging in major cities in the UK. In Romania TdH and ANITP will collect and analyze data from public notaries and relevant authorities in four target counties. We will introduce new models for […]

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