EXTERNAL RESEARCHER FOR THE PROJECT “CARING- Challenging social and gender norms to reduce violence against children in school”

Terre des hommes Romania is seeking a qualified external researcher to conduct a national analysis report based on an established methodology on the topic of gender-based violence in the project schools. The national analysis report serves as an assessment of how and in what way gender-based violence is taking place in the
partner schools in Romania and will contribute to the regional rapid assessment report of gender-based violence in the schools of the project “CARING - Challenging social and gender norms to reduce violence against children in school” funded by the European Commission.

The objective of the national research analysis is to measure school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV) in 8 partner schools in Romania/Croatia/Bulgaria/Greece among children, young people and educational staff including school management based on a methodology created by the project team.
Objectives of Rapid Assessment • Understanding knowledge and perception: stereotypes, norms, prejudices on gender in schools among children, young people and staff
• Understanding assets and barriers of school staff and children, young people to reduce genderbased violence in schools
• To specify actions, support to reduce GBV among children, young people and school staff


Tdh will accept applications from individuals, teams, academic entities, NGOs and companies if they are officially registered with a European tax number (i.e. can issue an invoice) and have evaluation, research,
impact study or similar and/or consultancy as their object of activity, which can be proven by legal documentation.
Required experience and skills:
• At least 3 quality research projects prepared for 3 different projects. Examples can be annexed unless confidential. Previous experience in conducting research or evaluations of projects in the area of child protection or SRGBV is a significant asset.
• Proven skills in using quantitative and quality data collection and analysis methods.
• Strong understanding of diversity and inclusion incl. age, gender and diversity sensitivity aspects.
• Strong writing skills and ability to convey technical and complex information in a structured, logical, clear and concise manner for different audiences.
• Full written and oral proficiency in English for data collection and production of quality reports. Knowledge of the local language in the implementing country is strictly required.
• Strong computer proficiency to prepare quality written reports with clean data visualization and presentation of findings.
• Master’s degree (or higher) in social sciences, economics, public policy, law, research and evaluation, management or other related field(s) from an accredited university.
• Capacity to issue invoices with tax registration in Europe (UK and Switzerland included)


Please see all details in the attached Terms of Reference 

Questions relating to the assignment, the project or the application process can be submitted to the Research Managers, Ana Vladescu ana.vladescu@tdh.ch and Denisa Leonte denisa.leonte@tdh.ch Answers that may concern all applicants will be shared with everyone as deemed necessary.
Interested applicants shall submit their application via e-mail to the following e-mail address: ana.vladescu@tdh.ch
The e-mail should have the subject-line: CARING National Research – NAME OFAPPLICANT/ENTITY. The deadline for submission is 21st of July (23:59).
The application package shall include:
• Technical Offer – max. 3 pages;
o Expression of interest
o A chronogram showing details for the realization of each of the research phases. The
schedule proposed should include time for briefing and debriefing with Tdh representatives
as far as possible.
The Technical Offer will mention on the first page the following information: Company/NGO/Offeror name,
Address, Phone number, email, registration number, legal representative name and function, contact person
(if different) name and function, phone number and email, if different. The Technical Offer will be signed and
stamped on the last page by the legal representative, mentioning the company/NGO, name of the legal
representative, date, signature.
• Up-to-date CV of the researcher(s) – max. 3 pages/CV;
• Example of previous work carried out (if any, unless confidential or if it can be anonymized);
• Contacts of 3 professional references;
• Confirmation of legal registration (e.g. tax number, EU VAT number) of the applicant for providing research
services and the ability to issue an invoice.
Applications – incl. all annexes – must be in English. Other languages will not be accepted.
Applications must be submitted as a single application package. Documents sent separately will not be
accepted. If Tdh does not confirm the receival of the application package within 2 days, please resend it.
The assessment of the applications will last until the 28th of July. During the research process, Tdh may ask for clarifications and check the references provided.