Methodology for children's committee (Child Advisory Board) in ACTIV project






In 2021, the teams of Terre des hommes Romania, Moldova and Ukraine  initiated a project in 25 partner schools named ACTIV: ACT Against Violence!, in order to analyze the phenomenon of gender-based violence and violence in schools in Eastern Europe and to develop tools to combat them. In 2021, the project team took part in a field research in all partner schools. The result of this approach – Research Report: Gender-Based Violence in Schools in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine – was published in March 2022. The report can be accessed here in Romanian:

Based on the field research and the results highlighted by the qualitative and quantitative analysis performed for the research report, the teams of trainers developed a methodology for teacher training. This methodology is currently published on the website. Teachers from Romania and Moldova participated in trainings focused on concepts related to gender equality, social norms, cultural norms and discrimination. In addition to the methodology of teacher training, each partner school received an individual intervention strategy. Complementary to them, this document represents the methodology of development and functioning of the Children's Advisory Board, organized in each school through the ACTIV project: Act Against Violence! The change we want to bring to our partner school environments is thus supported by a series of individualized pillars, built together with the teachers from each school, and dependent on the context. This methodology is an addendum necessary for the effort to create change agents represented by teachers and students. Due to the humanitarian crisis on the territory of Ukraine that started in February 2022, the field activities within the ACTIV project have been stopped. We are convinced that, in the absence of the humanitarian crisis, the individual strategies of partner schools in Ukraine would have been present in this document. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of trainers who went to Romania and the Republic of Moldova to support the trainings: Alina Dumitru, Liliana Astrahan and Inna Stoian, and who helped develop the present methodology.

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Alina Dumitru, Liliana Astrahan și Inna Stoian, cu sprijinul Teodora Rebeja, coordonați de Ana Vlădescu
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