Terms of Reference Trainer of Trainers in the CARING Project

Location: Romania – contract with Terre des hommes Romania, the contractor must be able to issue invoices with tax registration
Period: October 2023 – December 2024

Positions to fill: 2

Total work days: approximately 10 days / trainer

Deadline to apply: 15th of September 2023

Project background:
Terre des hommes Hungary, together with Terre des hommes Romania, Terre des hommes Greece, Brave Phone from Croatia, SAPI from Bulgaria and Association Roditelli Bulgaria launched a two-year EU-funded project entitled “CARING: Challenging Social and Gender Norms To Reduce Violence Against Children in School”. Started in May 2023, the project is implemented in four countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, and Greece with the aim to:
• prevent, combat, and respond to peer violence among children in schools by transforming social and gender norms and behaviours.
• train teachers to become better prepared to deal with violence within school contexts and learn skills related to prevention of violence and gender-based violence
• create space for children to challenge social and gender norms that lead to peer violence and to become change makers able to develop sustainable solutions that address violence.
The project will engage eight schools in each four countries (32 schools in total) and train a total of 64 facilitators (16 per country) from the targeted schools based on the tailored curriculum, who will end up training their colleagues in the schools they come from. The trainer of trainers will be responsible for building the capacity of the facilitators who will in turn conduct participatory activities with children and young people and other schoolteachers and professionals to prevent, combat and respond to peer-to-peer violence in and around schools and other educational settings (like afterschool) as well as to empower children to address the problem through their own solutions.
Responsibilities of the Trainers:
• The 2 trainers will conduct 1 (one) training event at the national level in Romanian, in Bucharest, in November or December of 2023, for 3 days, with a maximum of 8 hours
of training per day, with 16 facilitators, and facilitate at least 5 follow-up webinars of around 1.5 hours with the 16 facilitators on how to use the methodology developed to work with children and help reduce peer violence among children.
• The 2 selected trainers will have their input taken into consideration for the readjusment of the methodologies.
• The 2 selected trainers will support the facilitators, as needed, to organize their peer-to-peer meetings in schools. It is not necessary to be present at these events, but it is necessary to help the facilitators in case they need support with understanding the metholodogy or picking out issues and identifying solutions in order to discuss with their colleagues, particularly over email.
• The 2 selected trainers will support the facilitators and Youth Leaders in organizing child-led initiatives, 1 per each school. Once again, the physical presence of the trainers will not be necessary for this activity, but their support punctually responding to questions and offering guidance will be necessary for the facilitators and Youth Leaders in the schools, particularly over email.
• The 2 selected trainers will take part in actions as specified by the methodology, for example interviews or focus groups, as required.


Please see all necessary details in the document attached below