Two first prizes for pupils in the NOROC project

premiante noroc

Andra Stegaru and Elena Nicoară, students of Orbeni Scurta School in Bacau County, have won the hearts of the jury and won first prize in the local competition "Color and Soul of a Child". Under the dedicated guidance of Prof. Gălățanu Gabriela, the two students were extremely creative and gave life to exciting and touching stories. The award-winning works were produced as part of the creative writing competition for children and mentors and are not only a recognition of their efforts, but also an invaluable reminder of their literary journey.

Extract from the text written by Andra Stegaru - A child's adventures in the land of childhood 

"...Now, when I look back at that day, I feel lucky that I met good people and managed to find help. That experience taught me that I need to be careful and take care of myself at all times. But most of all, I learned that I can always ask for help and that I am never alone."

Extract from the text written by Elena Nicoară - Childhood 

"...we both made a promise to see each other every week and not to abandon our friendship. We kept our promise and saw each other every week, when she came to her grandparents in the village or when I went to see her. Our friendship endured! We would share our experiences, what we each did at school and learn new things from each other. We will always be friends! Childhood can bring lifelong friendships if you know how to take care of them!"