We are looking for volunteers for the playgrounds dedicated to Ukrainian children


Help us support Ukrainian children who have arrived in Romania (Bucharest). If you have availability in the next 3-6 months (for 4 or 8 hrs /day), please get involved as volunteer! The activity will involve interacting with children through play, to help them regain the joy of being children and forget about the war for a while.


Refugee children feel safe only in play and in interaction with other children or young people! We, the Terre des hommes Foundation, the most important Swiss organization for the protection of children's rights, are looking for volunteers to help us in this regard. Games and play are universal languages, so do not worry about this (see below).

We are looking for adults or young people who are over 16 and are available for the next 3-6 months and want to play and interact with children from Ukraine (for 4 or 8 hrs /day). We are NOT just looking for young people, but anyone who wants to get involved in humanitarian aid!


They should also:

Have empathy for their situation and that of their families

Have communication skills and a willingness to learn

Be able to identify the shy children and involve them in activities

Have enthusiasm and energy

Speak at least two of the following languages ​​(preferably, but not required): Russian, Ukrainian, English, Romanian

Have experience in working with children (preferably, but not mandatorily). Previous experience with vulnerable groups is a plus.


In the coming months, you can join us on the playgrounds that we have set up at Gara de Nord, but also in other places / centers in Bucharest. Please send your CV to cristina.panov@tdh.ch. If you have any questions, please write to the same address. (If you are selected, we will need your criminal record).

What will we offer? A volunteer contract, and at the end of the volunteering period you will receive a diploma with the number of hours worked. Also references (upon request) from the Terre des hommes Foundation. In addition, we will reimburse you for transportation and food worth 50 lei for 8 hours and 25 lei for 4 hours.

We need a large number of volunteers, so encourage others to get involved too. Thank you !