Support for Ukrainian refugee children and families in Romania

Since the beginning of the war in 2022, Terre des hommes Romania has strived to respond to the immediate needs of children, youth and mothers arriving in Romania in terms of protection, mental health and psycho-social support, as well as individual assistance tailored for different situations. 



In 2022

Firstly, we fostered a safe and playful environment for children, away from the worries of adults. In 2022 child-friendly spaces were set up in several transit areas and semi-residential centers in Bucharest, where mobile teams were working for the well-being of children and mothers.

We facilitated play, we used specific methodologies and paid extra attention to their emotions, to inclusion and participation. On the other hand, we informed and assisted parents, we offered them different types of individual kits (like for hygiene), but also psychological first aid when needed. Tdh also supported the guiding of thousands of volunteers by providing specific online training material, as free online resources were made available to everyone.

We have provided social assistance to Ukrainian families either individually or in partnership with residential centers for refugees and other NGOs. We have collaborated with approx. 12 centers that host families and assist parents with essential products and information to integrate and guide them medically, professionally, legally. Educators and teams were trained to apply the Movement, Game and Sports, a methodology Terre des hommes has developed in war affected areas. Integration and socializing events with hundreds of participants were organized, bringing together Romanians and Ukrainians.

Our teams offered Ukrainian families the chance to connect with the Romanian community, while also providing them with the means to deal with practical problems and alleviate the suffering caused by war and uprooting. At the same time, we informed the parents about educational options for their children, as any interruption or lack in this field can cause irreversible damage.  In Bucharest a 3D laboratory was set up for socializing and integration events, but also for workshops that develop talents and encourage children and teens to continue their education.

In Brasov we also organized a summer school and several recreational trips, while our partners in Constanța, The Civic Resource Centre in Constanta, has also implemented activities in the region.

Besides material help, our goal was to make sure children were enjoying their childhood in spite of the difficult circumstances. Because every child in the world has the right to a childhood. It’s that simple.

See at this link an illustrated brochure summarizing in a special way our support from the perspective of children.


In 2023

Support continues in 2023 with the Resilience and Innovation Centre (RIF) in Bucharest, where Ukrainian children and young people can learn about 3D technology, attend 3D printing workshops, explore their own talents and skills, and engage in creative activities. The centre is equipped with modular spaces for experiential learning, non-formal education, creativity, as well as technical and digital skills workshops. Find out more here.

In Bucharest, we also continue our work in the spaces designed for children within specific residential centres.

Here is how our team in Bucharest supports Ukrainian families:

  • Psychologist Nina ( Nr. Telefon 0720793004)
  • Psychologist Iraida (Nr. Telefon 0756257711)
  • Social assistance Dorina (ro-ru) ( Nr. Telefon 0756768496)
  • Social assistance Anna (ru-ukr) (Nr. Telefon 0759139851)
  • Social assistance  Galina (Nr. Telefon 0756608950)
  • Social assistance Ruxanda (Nr. Telefon  0766797637)(Lucreaza cu traducator)
  • Translator Victoria (Nr. Telefon 0720352974)
  • Translator Vanda (Nr. Telefon 0756250328)
  • Educator at our Resilience Innovation Facility (RIF) HUB -BUCUREȘTI,  Olga (Nr. Telefon 0756 772 239) for 3D workshops, CAB - child advisory board (for teenagers)
  • After-School Program: Tatiana (Nr.Telefon  0728460773)


The team in Brasov is also maintaining its activities with Ukrainian children, and a RIF centre is already operational there too. In Constanta, our partner, the Centre for Civic Resources, continues its work through the Call Centre (under the scope of the Community Centre for Integrated Assistance Constanta for Ukraine - CT4UA), where Ukrainians can obtain information regarding access to healthcare services, enrolling their children in school, or finding employment. The standard number (+4) 0377 30 30 30 can be dialed from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Knowledgeable staff members are available to assist in Romanian, Ukrainian, and English. This number can also be utilized by residents of Constanta County who wish to provide aid or report instances where citizens or families in Ukraine require support.

Supported by

In 2022, the project was implemented with the financial support of the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, the City of Zurich, Z Zurich Foundation, Swiss Solidarity Foundation and UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency.

In 2023, our activities are mainly supported by UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency.

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The Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France
Z Zurich Foundation
Z Zurich Foundation

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