Working with children and youth affected by migration in Europe

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In Europe and all around the world, Tdh is guided by an overall strategic goal which reads as follows:

"By 2030, children and youth affected by migration in Europe realize their right to be protected along all stages of their migration and seize development opportunities".

The ambitions outlined in the Vision for 2030 are being shaped into concrete objectives and implementation plans of five years each. Moreover, a Theory of Change developed to support the implementation of the global migration programme has also strongly influenced the content and strategic directions outlined in this document. In Europe, 6 country offices and 1 regional office are directly involved in the process.

The current document aims at providing a clear framework for decision making and strategic development of Tdh migration programme in Europe, by outlining our vision and the specific objectives that will allow it to materialise in Europe (Section 2), and by detailing out the key guiding principles that are underpinning our work in the region (section 3). The approaches guiding Tdh work in order to attain such objectives are also provided in Section 4, while the final section of the strategy provides for a number of concrete examples (Section 5) that will help our teams in the field as well as our colleagues based in Headquarters to better understand the required interactions that will allow us to all work towards the same goal: ensuring that children and youth affected by migration realise their right to be protected at all stages of their migration journey.

The development of the strategy and the difficult decisions that have been made are the result of a participatory process which included a thorough analysis of the context in which Tdh operates in Europe, which allowed us to capture the different dynamics, challenges and opportunities that can be seized to advance the protection of children and youth on the move (Appendix 2), always keeping in mind the limitations we operate under, but also the particularities that make Tdh different, with an added value that allows us to have an impact on the lives of thousands of children in Europe and beyond (Appendix 3).

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