Terre des hommes Romania is seeking a qualified external evaluator for the evaluation of the project “PRECISION”


Terre des hommes Romania is seeking a qualified external evaluator for the evaluation of “PRECISION - Promoting wellbeing and reducing recidivism of juvenile offenders in Romania” – funded by the Medicor Foundation and implemented by Terre des hommes (Tdh) Romania.

Objective of the evaluation

The external evaluation has three main objectives:
• Accountability: to obtain an objective and independent assessment of the results achieved compared to the initial project plan (objectives, results, target group, indicators, outputs and deliverables) by looking at relevance and effectiveness. The accountability is towards both the funder (Medicor) and the project partners and beneficiaries, exploring the value of the project for them, considering their views and feeding back lessons learnt to them.
• Organizational learning and knowledge: to conclude all important lessons learnt from the way the project was set up, implemented and managed; and how it has succeeded or, potentially, not succeeded to achieve all its intended (or unintended) results.
• Informing operational decisions: Resulting from the lessons learnt, the evaluation will help to reveal what the project team and the corresponding organizations can take further and/or may need to change in future programming, and more specifically, in the second-phase/ continuation of the project.

Scope of the evaluation

The evaluation refers strictly to the PRECISION project. The evaluation will measure the quality of the intervention and the progress towards the objective and will emphasize learning for the follow-up project, PRECISION 2. 
It requires exchange of information between the Evaluator and project partners, namely Tdh Romania, and the four detention centers.
The external evaluation should focus on gathering data and information from:
• direct beneficiaries: detention staff and detained youths

Potential limits of the evaluation:
• Evaluator’s direct access to beneficiaries: considering the Covid-19 pandemic context and related restrictions, the access inside the four detention centers might not be possible
• Some of the youths have very low literacy skills, so quantitative data collection methods, such as surveys, are not fit for them
• Meetings with the detention staff and especially with the detained youths require time to organize



The deadline for submission : 20th March 2022 (23:59)

Starting date of contract/assignment:24 of March 2022 (tentative)

The assessment of the applications will last until the 23rd of March. During the evaluation process, Tdh Romania, may ask for clarifications and check the references provided.